Details of Sponsored Walk Sunday 22nd February 2009

Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Free Gaza Sponsored Walk

We will be walking from Allbrook (Eastleigh) to Winchester on Sunday 22nd February 2008 on footpaths mainly along the Itchen River and/or Itchen Navigation Canal.

Half the sponsorship money will be sent to the Free Gaza Campaign, which has successfully got medical help and observers through the Israeli blockade into Gaza, and the rest split between Southampton and National PSC.

Arrangement for the day:

Meet at the car park in Eastleigh Railway Station at 10.10.

We'll break at the pub at Shawford for Lunch, (bring your own lunch, or buy in the pub) and estimate that we'll arrive in Winchester at 3.00pm-ish.

Someone will be walking whatever the weather.

There's a train that leaves Southampton Central at 9.00am,
St Denys railway station at 9.38am,
and arrives at Eastleigh at 10.02am.

The car park at Eastleigh Station was free last year, and appears to be free still.

Bring your sponsor forms with you.

Help keep the campaigning going, get that sponsorship in - See you Sunday week.

Ian Lamming

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